Six Months Smile Fulham

A gorgeous smile brightens your face, drawing people to you and making you both look and feel younger and more vibrant. Unfortunately, many people refuse to smile because their teeth are stained, gapped, or otherwise imperfect. If this applies to you, contact Fulham Dental because we have a solution for you.

Fulham Dental is pleased to provide the hugely popular Six Month Smiles solution in Brompton Road and beyond. This modern and cutting-edge orthodontic procedure gets to the source of the problem by targeting the teeth that are visible when you smile. All it takes is an average of six months to get an A-list smile, and at a fraction of the price that some treatments require.

Six Month Smiles Earls Court

Six Month Smiles uses a combination of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to gradually correct common dental irregularities. The system is more comfortable than regular braces because it uses a low degree of pressure to move the teeth. Many patients who come to us for Six Month Smiles in West Brompton think that this quicker straightening treatment requires frequent ‘tightening’ like regular braces, but this is not the case. The orthodontic mechanics are the same, but the goal is straighter teeth, not bite correction.

Once your treatment is concluded, you will need to wear a retainer to maintain your gorgeous new smile. For patients who prefer not to deal with a removable retainer, bonded retainers are also available. We provide you with the option that matches your lifestyle and personal preference.

For more information about Six Month Smiles in Fulham, contact us today. We have helped many patients achieve a smile they are proud to show off, and we will be happy to do the same for you.