Inman Aligner Brompton Road

When you need braces today, you’re no longer limited to wearing a visible metal appliance. For patients who have aesthetic concerns or find the prospect of traditional braces too limiting, Fulham Dental has the Inman Aligner.

Inman Aligner Brompton Road

Tooth crowding slowly worsens over time and uneven teeth make good dental hygiene practices difficult. We are pleased to confirm that Fulham Dental has a nearly invisible treatment for these and similar conditions.

Favored by celebrities and other public listers, the Inman Aligner gently and comfortably directs your teeth into an ideal position in a matter of weeks. Unlike traditional braces, the appliance can be removed when needed, resulting in minimal interference with your lifestyle.

When we fit you with the Inman Aligner in Earl’s Court, it works by applying a discreet pressure to crooked front teeth. The appliance has a coiled spring and metal bar that work in conjunction to guide the teeth into an aesthetically pleasing position.

Benefits include:

  1. 1. Less expensive than other types of invisible braces
  2. 2. Faster treatment time
  3. 3. Appliance is removable, so you can eat and brush without restriction
  4. 4. You only use one aligner instead of changing devices on a progressive basis
  5. 5. An effective treatment for crossbite and turned teeth

Once treatment is over, all you need to do to maintain your fantastic new smile is wear an essix retainer on a prescribed basis.
Inman Aligner will improve your appearance and enhance your long-term dental health. You can also opt for a stand-alone treatment or combine the aligner with other cosmetic procedures for a complete smile makeover.

If you’re interested in Inman Aligner treatment in Fulham, call us for a free consultation. One of our cosmetic dentists will examine your teeth, discuss your goals, and determine if the Inman Aligner is the perfect solution for your situation.