Incognito Fulham

we are pleased to be able to offer Incognito braces in Fulham and the surrounding area. This nearly invisible straightening technology is placed behind your teeth, so no one will be able to tell that you are having orthodontic work done.

How Does Incognito in West Brompton Work?

When we fit you with Incognito braces in Brompton Road, the lingual brackets are placed on the back of the treated teeth. They work exactly like traditional braces by gradually straightening your teeth and giving you a perfect, healthy smile.

Incognito braces are customised, so we take an impression of your teeth and use computer-driven dental technology to create the brackets that fit the back of each tooth. Anyone can perfect their smile with Incognito: men, women, teenagers and seniors. In most instances, if you are a good candidate for metal braces, you can enjoy the benefits of invisible ones.

The Advantages of Incognito

There are several advantages to selecting Incognito invisible braces for your orthodontic solution.

  1. 1. Aesthetics: When we fit you with Incognito braces in West Brompton the results are nearly undetectable, which improves your appearance and confidence
  2. 2. Comfort: Every patient receives a customised appliance, making Incognito comfortable to wear
  3. 3. Non-obstructive: The lingual position of Incognito braces makes them a convenient choice for active sports players or those who play wind instruments
For more information about Incognito in Earls Court and the surrounding area, call Fulham Dental today.