Fast Braces Fulham

Are you looking for Fastbraces in Brompton Road and beyond? Look no further!

Fulham Dental is pleased to offer the revolutionary Fastbraces technology, which literally gets to the root of crooked teeth problems by moving the roots as well as the crowns. When your roots are perfectly straight, so are your teeth. Getting Fastbraces in Earls Court and its environs has never been easier!

How do Fastbraces work?

When teeth are crooked, it means that the root is not upright or straight. Fastbraces works differently from traditional braces from the very first appointment onwards by using a specially designed nickel-titanium wire to torque the root and guide it into an upright position. The advantages of this approach are:

  1. 1. Faster teeth alignment (anywhere from three months to a year)
  2. 2. Reduced threat of tooth decay because correction is achieved in such a quick period of time

When you come to us for Fastbraces in Fulham, you have the added option of choosing between metal and clear brackets. The clear ceramic system offers the same quicker straightening technique as the metal brackets but with the added benefit of a nearly invisible and highly aesthetic solution.

For more information about Fastbraces in West Brompton or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call us today.