Emergency Dentist Fulham

Dental emergencies are painful and traumatic. If you experience an injury to your mouth at any time of the day or night and need to see an emergency dentist in Fulham, call us immediately. The compassionate team at Fulham Dental will take all necessary steps to relieve the pain and correct the injury.

Here is a list of regular dental crises we handle at our emergency dentist surgery near Brompton Road:

  1. 1. Broken or cracked teeth
  2. 2. Loose or missing fillings
  3. 3. Major toothache
  4. 4. Severely impacted wisdom teeth
  5. 5. Abscesses and other mouth infections

Another common dental emergency is a tooth that has been knocked out of its socket. In that situation, you should:

  1. 1. Immediately attempt to replace the tooth in the socket
  2. 2. If that fails, immerse the tooth in cold whole milk
  3. 3. Call us immediately and bring the tooth with you when you come

When you call us for emergency dentist treatment in West Brompton we will quickly arrange to see you, so you don’t have to wait any longer than is absolutely necessary.

At Fulham Dental, we understand how important a beautiful, healthy smile is to you. When you experience a dental emergency we are here for you. We are conveniently located within Fulham, enabling patients to reach us without having to travel too far, so if you need an emergency dentist in the Earl’s Court area, let us help.